For Champaign County Circuit Judge


        I love Champaign County. I was born here, I grew up here, I work and live here, and this is where I'm raising my family. This is my home. If you are reading, this, then maybe it is your home, too.

       This county - our home - deserves the best. I believe in working to make our community better - in education, opportunity, employment, safety, and happiness.

      A circuit judge has an impact on all of these things. A judge has to be fair, reasonable, and able to see what is right without bending to political winds or simple expediency. A judge has to work for the greater good of all and do what is right without fear, bias, or prejudice.

       I've dedicated my professional career to public service. I've been a Deputy County Attorney, a Special Assistant United States Attorney, a private lawyer, an educator, and I am now Chief Criminal Deputy for Champaign County. For my entire life, I've let my conscience guide me to do the right thing. It's the mantra I've tried to instill in my kids.

      I'm running for circuit judge because I believe Champaign County needs someone who loves it, and who is dedicated to what is best for it and the people who call it home. I want to bring the qualities of reason, fairness, and practicality to this job that is so important, and can do so much to keep our community a place we are all proud of.

This media paid for by the Citizens to Elect Troy Lozar. A copy of our report filed with the State board of Elections is (or will be) avvailable on the Board's official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.







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