For Champaign County Circuit Judge


       Born in Champaign County, and a University High School graduate, Troy worked his way through college at the University of Illinois as a supervisor for the Intramural Physical Education building (now ARC) before graduating and attending the Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark on an academic scholarship where he was active in the Legal Assistance Clinic assisting low income clients get fair access to the courts.

       Later, he served as an intern at the Practical Applications Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at Quantico, Virginia. After graduating he became a Deputy County Attorney managing the Juvenile Courts Division of the office in Yuma, Arizona, as well as handling major felony cases. After serving as a Special Assistant United State's Attorney for the Central District in Phoenix and Tucson, focusing on drug and human trafficking, Troy returned home with his amazing wife, Amy.

      Troy worked as a private attorney in family law, real estate, probate, and business before taking a job as a Senior State's Attorney at the Champaign County State's Attorney's Office where he now serves as Chief Criminal Deputy. In addition to his day job, Troy has taught night and online classes in Law and Legal Procedure at Parkland College for years.

       Over the last two decades, Troy has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of cases, and tried scores of disputes in front of Champaign County juries, always seeking to achieve justice. He has been active in the formation, development and continuing good works of the Champaign County Children's Advocacy Center, an advocate for Victim's Rights, and a firm believer that a just and fair legal system is critical to the health and welfare of our community.

Some Cases of Note:

     Not all cases should result in severe punishments or even in convictions.

     Not all offenses are appropriate to be charged.

     The mentally ill who end up in the justice system need help, and non-violent addicts need treatment; People regularly make foolish mistakes because that is the nature of being human.

     Troy is a believer in seeing that the people in these categories get help and return to healthy, normal, lives - that is best for ALL of us. He supports and utilizes the Champaign County Drug Court, the Second Chance program, and the First Offender probation program.  He believes a Mental Health Court would benefit our community.

      Sadly, our world is not perfect -  violent offenses, crimes against children, and actions that put our community and families at risk have to be dealt with appropriately.


     Below are a few of the cases that Troy has handled, working to help keep our community safe.

     Note that all of the below cases are concluded. Recent and current cases are not referenced as they could be considered in an active status.

People v. Feagin, 00CF2187

     From 1993 to 1995 a series of terrifying sexual assaults in Champaign and Urbana were linked together by DNA evidence, but the offender was not identified at the time. Feagin was later connected to the investigation through sterling work by the Urbana Police Department. Initially charged as a “John Doe” offense based on located DNA, Feagin was later returned to Illinois from Florida, prosecuted and tried by Lozar, and convicted of multiple counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault. Feagin remains incarcerated.

People v. Bouton, 04CF2087

     Bouton was terrorizing the female victim, who he perceived as vulnerable and felt a bizarre connection to. Convicted by Lozar at trial of Stalking and Criminal Sexual Assault by Use of Force. His prior history included a murder conviction. Serving a 25 year sentence.


People v. Sanchez-Ramone, 04CF1365

     Sanchez-Ramone was charged with a violent sexual attack on a woman walking home at night in Urbana. There was no other connection between the two. Lozar prosecuted Sanchez-Ramone, and the victim courageously took the stand to tell the jurors what happened. Sanchez-Ramone was convicted of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault and of Aggravated Battery for striking a rescuer with a bottle. He was sentenced to IDOC.


People v. Croom, 05CF1023

     Lozar and Champaign County State’s Attorney Julia Rietz tried Croom for the 1st Degree Murder of a three year old child. Medical evidence supported that the child had been brutally abused and eventually died of his injuries. Convicted by the jury, Croom is now incarcerated.



People v. Ermakov, 06CF425

     Ermakov used his position as an assistant track coach at a local high school to ingratiate himself with, and offend against, underage female students. Ermakov fled the United States while the jury was deliberating. Ermakov was convicted of Criminal Sexual Assault. Lozar worked with Interpol, the FBI, and the US Marshall’s Service to secure Ermakov’s return from Russia whereupon he was sentenced to 12 years incarceration.


People v. Carter, 06CF1433

     With priors for Murder, Domestic Battery, and Violating Protective Orders, Carter was tried and convicted of Criminal Sexual Assault against a victim between the ages of 13 and 17. He is serving a 20 year sentence.



People v. Harris, 07CF153

With priors for Aggravated Robbery and Burglary, Harris was tried and convicted for the Aggravated Robbery of service stations in Urbana, Illinois. After the guilty verdict, Harris was sentenced to prison.



People v. White, 07CF192

     White was charged with using his position as a local elementary school teacher to gain access to and play a sexually-oriented ‘taste-test’ game with some of his female students on multiple occasions. The scope of the case was substantial, even implicating additional victims from the defendant’s previous employment as a teacher in McLean County. State’s Attorney Julia Rietz, Lozar, and others worked to get justice for the children. White is now serving a 60 years term of incarceration at Illinois Department of Corrections.



People v. Tatum, 07CF968

     Tatum, with priors for Possession Controlled Substance, Unlawful Use of Weapon by a Felon, Possession of Stolen Vehicle, and Unlawful Use of Weapons, was on parole when he was able to gain access to a seven year old child. Tatum was charged with striking the child with an extension cord badly enough to leave serious injury and marks still visible more than a week later. Lozar tried Tatum, and the jury returned a guilty  verdict for Aggravated Battery to a Child. Tatum was sentenced to incarceration.



People v. Ramsay, 07CF1174

     Convicted by Lozar at trial of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child for offenses committed against a young girl, Ramsay remains incarcerated. The courage of the victim and her mother cannot be overstated.


People v. Powell, 07CF2066

     After previously battering the survivor of this crime, Powell confronted her as she was leaving her workplace. He shot her through her hand and into her chest gravely injuring her before fleeing the scene. The survivor bravely told the jury what happened at trial. Convicted of Attempt First Degree Murder, Powell remains incarcerated.



People v. Broadnax, 08CF1695

     Charged with an attack on an intoxicated and vulnerable adult, Broadnax was convicted of Criminal Sexual Assault against a U of I student. Sentenced to 13 years incarceration.




People v. Kenneth Sean Kelly, 08CF1878;

People v. Russell Lee Pitcher, 09CF179;

and People v. Crystal D. Myrick, 07CF1962

     Each of these offenders were convicted in the double homicide of a husband and wife in their own home in Champaign. The trio of offenders had entered the couple’s residence under false pretenses in the hopes of stealing valuables before murdering both of them. Despite thoroughly cleaning the crime scene with bleach and staging the victims on the floor of their own kitchen, tireless efforts by Champaign Police Department uncovered the culprits, leading  to charges prosecuted by Lozar. Each of the three is now convicted of 1st degree murder and incarcerated.



People v. Smith, 09CF1281

     Smith presented with priors for Obstructing Justice, Carjacking, Battery, Vehicle Theft, and Assault. Accused of sex offenses against a juvenile victim after forcing his way into her home while her mother was at work, Lozar tried Smith for sex offenses. The courageous minor victim testified at trial and the defendant was convicted of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault. Smith was sentenced to IDOC



People v. Hemingway, 09CF1438

     Hemingway, armed with a firearm, struck a female McDonald’s employee in the Champaign restaurant’s parking lot with a gun, and fled with the restaurant’s deposit bag. Convicted by Lozar at trial for Armed Robbery, Hemingway is currently incarcerated.



People v. Hampton, 09CF1903

     With priors for Unlawful Use of Weapons by a Felon, Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm, and Resisting a Peace Officer, Hampton was tried for entering and burglarizing the home of the blind resident and his grandchild while they were present. Convicted at trial of Residential Burglary and Aggravated Battery to a Peace Officer, Hampton is serving a 37 year sentence.



People v. Williams, 10CF577

     Williams, with priors for Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, Robbery, Resisting Peace Officer, and Attempt Burglary was charged with Residential Burglary and Possession Weapons by a Felon for breaking into a house and stealing property, including a shotgun. Convicted of these offenses, Williams was sentenced to IDOC.



People v. Hughey, 10CF1376

     Hughey, with priors for Arson, DUI, and Violating Protective Orders was convicted at trial and sentenced for Aggravated Battery for inappropriate contact with three juvenile boys at a public pool.



People v. Taylor, 11CF379

     Taylor was charged with entering the residence of a 79 year old woman living in Urbana and threatening her with a knife. The two did not know each other. Taylor demanded money and when the victim became resistant, trying to call for help, he battered and sexually abused her, then barricaded her in a closet and fled the residence. Unable to escape, this courageous survivor remained therein without medical treatment, food, or water for a weekend before being found by a mail delivery person the following Monday. Despite serious injury, she not only recovered, but came to court with Lozar to tell the jury what Taylor had done. Taylor was convicted of Home Invasion, Armed Robbery, and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse. Taylor remains incarcerated.



People v. Thompson, 11CF672

     Thompson along with multiple other co-defendants, came to the C-U area from Milwaukee seeking retribution for a prior altercation between an associate and another local man. They pursued the victim through  a busy Market Place Mall and Thompson finally caught up to him as he tried to flee the exit near the food court. Thompson attacked, shot, and beat the victim in the public street just outside of the mall, with the gunfire endangering the numerous shoppers present. Champaign Police Department officers, responding to an earlier call, ran straight toward the gunfire and were able to save the victim’s life. Lozar tried Thompson, who was convicted by the jury of the offense of Attempt 1st Degree Murder and remains incarcerated.



People v. Wilkerson, 12CF798

     Wilkerson, with priors for Murder, Armed Robbery, Possession Controlled Substances, and Forgery, organized his two co-defendants to use a firearm to rob multiple banks in Champaign. Lozar tried Wilkerson as the ringleader of the organization and secured multiple convictions for Armed Robberies with a Firearm. Wilkerson remains incarcerated.



People v. Davis, 11CF1525

   With a history of Battery, Domestic Battery, Obstructing Justice, and controlled substance offenses, Davis beat his older victim with his fists, then left him, stripped and unconscious, lying outside the residence. The victim lay there until discovered some substantial time later. He died in the hospital without ever regaining consciousness. Lozar convicted Davis at trial of First Degree Murder and he remains in prison.




People v. Miles, 12CF1353

     While on probation for out-of-state offenses, Miles was charged with the Manufacture/Delivery  of Controlled Substances from a local home in which children were living. Convicted at trial, Miles was sentenced to IDOC.




People v. Marisette, 13CF901

     With priors for Domestic Battery, Aggravated Battery to a Peace Officer, Aggravated Battery, Resisting Peace Officer Causing Injury,  and Possession Controlled Substance, Lozar tried Marisette for the public-street battery of his then domestic partner. Convicted at trial of Aggravated Battery and Domestic Battery, Marisette received a sentence to IDOC.




People v. Clark, 13CF1233

     With a history of dealing in controlled substances, Clark was tried for engaging in a gunfire battle in the 1200 block of Carver in Champaign where several occupied residences were hit. Convicted at trial of being an Armed Habitual Criminal, Clark is now in DOC where his access to firearms is limited.




People v. Beverly, 15CF510

     Beverly was a multiple convicted felon with a history of prior weapons and violent offenses. Lozar tried and convicted him of First Degree Murder for the shooting of  a young man who was sitting in a car near a public park at a picnic. Sentenced to 75 years.




People v. Fukama-Kabika, 15CF648

     Fukama-Kabika was confronted by the indomitable survivor of his actions at trial and convicted of Criminal Sexual Assault and Criminal Sexual Abuse. He is serving a prison sentence.





People v. Largent, 15CF1632

     With priors for Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Theft offenses, Lozar tried Largent for burning the Village of Ludlow Community Center and Police Department building to the ground in an effort to destroy evidence he believed was stored therein. Largent was convicted by the jury of Causing a Catastrophe and remains incarcerated.



People v. Fowler, 15CF1788

     With priors for Battery, Domestic, Battery, and Aggravated Battery, Fowler was stopped by Champaign officers with a loaded firearm next to him after a shots-fired call in his vicinity. Fowler was prosecuted by Lozar and convicted at trial of Unlawful Use of Weapons by a Felon.




People v. Schwab, 16CF337

     Schwab was charged with videotaping the sex acts he committed on an underage female without her knowledge. Lozar tried and convicted Schwab of both Criminal Sexual Assault and Child Pornography. Schwab was sentenced to prison.




People v. Hartfield, 16CF1055

     After robbing a service station at gunpoint and terrorizing the clerk, Hartfield chose to repeatedly fire on Sheriff’s Deputies trying to apprehend him while in a residential neighborhood. Convicted by Lozar at trial of Armed Robbery and Aggravated Discharge of Firearm at Officers, Hartfield was sentenced to prison.





People v. Dunn, 17CF433

     Dunn was prosecuted by Lozar for multiple counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault for having drugged a younger co-worker and then sexually offended against him while he was unconscious. The victim courageously testified at the trial and Dunn is now serving a substantial prison sentence.




People v. Brown, 17CF479

     Brown had priors for a firearms offense, Robbery, and Residential Burglary. Along with a co-defendant he robbed service stations in the CU area with a firearm to re-sell the stolen merchandise (primarily cigarettes). He was prosecuted by Lozar and convicted at trial of Armed Robbery. He is now serving a lengthy sentence.



People v. Heath, 17CF1144

     Heath, with priors for Identity Theft and Obstructing Justice, forced entry to a woman’s home overnight by smashing in the front door and attacked her, causing bleeding injuries to her head and under her eye, before fleeing. Convicted by Lozar of Home Invasion, Heath is currently incarcerated.




People v. Foss, 17CF1666

     Foss was prosecuted by Lozar and convicted of sexually assaulting a vulnerable housemate who bravely testified at trial to what he had done. Foss, convicted of Criminal Sexual Assault and Criminal Sexual Abuse, was sentenced to prison.

When you consider a candidate in the March Primary, consider someone who has spent his career exhibiting competence, professionalism, and dedication to the safety and well-being of Champaign County.

Consider actual qualifications, demonstrated by performance, and proven in court.

Troy is the candidate who has the skills, integrity, and actual experience to be an effective Circuit Court Judge for his home and yours.

Vote Troy Lozar for Champaign County Resident Circuit Court Judge.







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