For Champaign County Circuit Judge

Troy is...

A Father and Husband

     Champaign County is one of the best places in the world. It is where Troy has grown up, chosen to live, to work, and to raise his family.

     He is invested in this community. He is invested in working to make it the best place he can for all of us.

     Champaign County is a community. We succeed or fail together. When we work together, we are that much more able to make our community better for all of its citizens.

An Accomplished Litigator and Educator

     Troy has been a lawyer since 1997 and a member of the State and Federal Bars of Illinois and Arizona. He has tried scores of cases in multiple jurisdictions, successfully helping victims and clients through the legal system to find justice.


     Now Chief Criminal Deputy for Champaign County and a Professor of Law and Procedure at Parkland College, Troy wants to turn his ability and drive to serving this community as its next Resident Circuit Judge.

A Centrist

       Troy is not a career politician. He is a moderate democrat who votes his conscience. In our increasingly polarized climate, we do not need people at the far left or the far right contributing to the chaos and discord that prevents common-sense from ruling the day.

       What we need are calm, rational decision makers who rely on empirical evidence, logic, and a desire to find the solutions that best serve our community as a whole.

Someone Who Wants the Same Things You Want

     Safety, opportunity, employment, education - a chance to do better. It is amazing that there is so much dissonance in our society when we all need, and deserve the same basic things.

     We need a judge who understands the separation of powers, who will respect and follow the rule of law, who does not have a political agenda, who thinks and reasons as we do. We need someone who will be fair and impartial, and will unfailingly seek to do what is best for our community.







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Urbana IL 61803